The flight rent for your needs

Air4u is able to satisfy all customer needs.
The air taxi service provides a professional driver, can guide the customer in every move or to take clients to take them to visit your company. The flight planning is done according to customer in its business meetings or leisure travel.
Air4U through travel with no need for a traditional check-in and early arrival of 1 hour before because the preferential lanes could become the best way to manage your time of departure and arrival.

“Business Fly” Service

“Business Fly” is our program for your business trips in a day without wasting too much time. Also useful for escort services to or from your customers. With Air4U arrive at your destination in no time, rested with the ability to work while traveling without the stress of traffic.
The pilot will be available for the entire trip. Possibility of individual travel packages or billable and deductible from the income statement for companies to favorable economic conditions:
Packet Business Standard
Packet Business Silver
Packet Business Gold
including 10 flight hours
including 15 flight hours
including 20 flight hours

Tourist service and travel vacation

For a great vacation or pleasure trip relaxing making the most of the time available without the stress of traffic. With Air4U can organize wonderful stay 2 -3 days in the major resorts, but also look less touristic places to enjoy the most of your holiday.