(we) AIR4U

The airplane for your business and leisure travels

Air4U was founded with the aim to offer a chartering service to flight-lovers with pilot’s licence and to people who need, for passion or for work,to rely on air transport services.
In a globalization age, where time of movement gains always a greater and more important meaning in every-day life, Air4U wants to introduce an innovative, fast, safe and affordable transport system.

The fleet is composed of fast Cirrus SR22 Turbo airplanes with really well-advanced technical characteristics such as parachute, air conditioning system for passengers’ comfort and avionics (the system which manages and controls the airplane) which could suit perfectly even on some Boeing and Airbus passenger airplanes.
Thanks to this kind of airplane, which needs only 700 m of runway (even if it is a grass runway) you can reach all airdromes close as much as possible to your destination. Neither expensive business class JET airplanes can offer such service.