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The aircraft available are Cirrus SR 22 Turbo GTS series G3 that is the best that aviario could present in its category.
Cirrus is known as the company that turned the aviation industry upside down by introducing new, innovative technology to every aspect of personal aviation. With the newest technology in avionics and airframe design, it's no surprise that we wanted our turbo aircraft to feature the very latest – and smartest – technology in propulsion.
SR22 Turbo is fitted as standard:
- twin turbocharger with intercooler;
- composit propellers, more stronger and lighter;
- tuned injections "GAMI";
- oxygen system for four person.
SR22 Turbo delivers the speed you need without compromising on safety.

No Carbon Monoxide
Air runs across the heater shroud at a higher pressure than the air in the exhaust. In the event of a crack in the heater shroud, the high-pressure air will go from the shroud into the exhaust rather than the exhaust going into the cockpit.

Automatic alternate air
If the air intake becomes clogged with debris or ice, the induction system’s door will open automatically. The system will also illuminate an annunciator in the cockpit to alert you that the engine is using the alternate air source.

Safety with altitude
The aircraft can glide 39.5 nm from 25,000 ft to sea level in a no-wind condition, giving the pilot more opportunity to find a suitable landing spot in case of an emergency situation.

Pilot workload reduced
Since our turbo technology is easier to operate than traditional turbocharged aircraft, safety is enhanced.

Composite prop: stronger, lighter, safer
Cirrus is the first to offer the second-generation ASC-II Composite Prop from Hartzell. This revolutionary propeller comes from over 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of composite propellers

Cirrus design fixed oxygen system.
Engineered by Precise Flight, Inc., the system provides the pilot and up to three passengers a convenient and high capacity 77 cu. ft. oxygen system. The system includes a simple and easy-to-use electronic display of oxygen quantity, and a toggle switch for activating the flow of oxygen in the cabin. This unique system also provides warning to the pilot of any oxygen or electrical faults. To increase safety, the system provides warning to the pilot when oxygen should be used in the aircraft by illuminating the "O2 REQ’D" LED.

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Technical specifications

Builder: Cirrus Design Corporation
Type: SR 22 GTS G3 Turbo Perspective
Identification: HA—CIE s/n 3237
Date of construction: 2008.08
Crew: 1 pilot
Passengers: 3
Baggage: 30Kg
Engine: Continental motor TSIO-550-K
Horsepower: 315HP Biturbo Tornado Alley
Maximum gross weight: 1542Kg
Maximum speed: 219kts — 406 km/h
Cruise speed: 173 Kts - 320 km/h
Max.range+reserve: 1.000 nm / 1.850 km
Cabin height: 1,30m
Take off run: from 313 mt. to 486 mt.
Maximum operating altitude: 25.000 ft
Landing run: from 348 mt. to 714 mt.